The Lace Museum of Burano

Museo del Merletto

The Burano lace is one of the most renowned and sought after in the world, its tradition is ancient and specific to the island of Burano in the Venice Lagoon. The international fame of the Burano lace dates back to 1400 but it was in the seventeenth century when laces became fashion all over the European Courts, that Burano lace knew its biggest success. The tradition was lost in the following centuries but in 1872 the School of Lace was founded in Burano, it then became the proper Lace Museum which is visitable today. Lace courses are organized inside the Museum which also hosts important exhibitions on lace.

Museo del Merletto (Lace Museum)
Piazza Galluppi 187
Burano Isalnd - Venice
Monday - Friday 9.00-18.00
Saturday 9.00 -14.00

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